Doing Business in Cyprus

Cyprus is a very well established business hub, with endless investment opportunities. The strategic location, highly developed infrastructure and the quality of life are some of the key factors that make Cyprus the choice of many investors.

Being a part of the EU and Euro zone, safety and stability for the investors are ensured, providing them market access to the E.U as well as Asia. Businessmen will also find the transportation network in Cyprus very efficient and cost effective, ideal getting your business done promptly.


Cyprus provides plenty of highly educated and qualified people, ready and able to serve the demands of any business.


The Island’s competitive advantages are considerably enforced by the strong and transparent legal and regulatory system as well as the very appealing tax regime.

The Cyprus legal system is based upon the English Common Law principles, and offers foreign businesses a familiar and trustworthy structure within which to function

Furthermore, Cyprus provides an appealing and transparent tax regime, fully compliant with EU, OECD and international protocols. Providing entry to a large network of over 60 Double Tax Treaties,and keeping a business tax rate of 12.5%, among the lowest in the EU, Cyprus offers international investors confidence to invest.

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