7 Reasons to Move to Cyprus

1. Sunshine

You may never say you do not see enough sun in the Island!  It shines throughout the day nearly every day. Everything looks a lot better under the sun and the temperature is most of the times very pleasant.

2. Mountains

Troodos Mountains are a beautiful sight throughout the year, both covered in snow or green and blossomed. Its highest peak is 1,952m where in the winter you can enjoy some winter sports. It might be often that you may be on at beach and less than an hour later find yourself doing some skiing!

3. Food and Drink

The Cypriot food is a merging of Greek and East Mediterranean cuisine. Nowadays you can find any kind of restaurant, 24 hour bakeries, fish taverns on the beach, far east delicacies. Throughout the ages, Cyprus also has been known for producing exceptional wines.

4. Ease of Access

Cyprus’ is at the crossroads of 3 continents and it is well connected with all airports of Europe. In less than five hours you can get to the UK and Ireland from Larnaca or Paphos Airport at a very affordable price!

5. Safety

In comparison with many European countries, Cyprus has a very low crime rate. Residents of the Island can enjoy life on the Island without worrying about crime and theft.

6. Medical System

Hospitals and Private Clinics in Cyprus are equipped with the latest technology and work with very high standards. Surgeries like kidney transplantation and heart bypass have become routine operations.

7. Investment opportunities

Cyprus is a well-established business hub with endless investment opportunities. It provides safety and stability to the investors as well as access to the European market

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